Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter & Warmer Weather!

Madison is loving being outside! She played outside with some friends for hours on Saturday and loved it! I tried to snap some pictures of her in her Easter dress...and this is all I got....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


My poor baby has been so sick! We started out last week with a stomach bug. We thought we were finally on the mend when Madison started running fever on Monday and not sleeping at all and being very fussy! We went to the doctor on Tuesday and after a throat culture, finger stick & chest x-ray - Madison has pneumonia! We caught it early so that was good! We got a shot Tuesday and because her white count was so high had to make an appointment to go back on Wednesday. Madison was so terribly miserable! It broke my heart to see her so sad!
We went back to the doctor on Wednesday and her blood count did come down - just not enough. So we got our second shot and another appointment for the next day! Wednesday afternoon Madison finally got some sleep. I went in to check on her around 5pm and she was burning up! I checked her temp and it was 105! Let's say I panicked a little bit! After a couple of phone calls to mom, Jerrad and the doctor - we were able to get it down and her and I both calm! Another night of no sleep!
We went to the doctor this morning and blood count is looking like it is improving! So hopefully we are on the mend! Madison is napping now - taking her normal afternoon nap and I hope the poor baby can get comfortable and get some rest tonight! (Hopefully we can all get some rest - if baby doesn't sleep - Mommy & Daddy don't sleep!)
I'll keep you all update! Keep my baby in your prayers!