Friday, February 27, 2009

Still busy at the shop!

Just some more pictures from the week. We can't wait for Pat & Pam to be home next week!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So Pat and Pam are out of town this week and Madison, Jerrad and I are holding down the fort at the trophy shop. It's been pretty busy! But we're managing just fine. Here are some pictures of Madison at work...and with her favorite toy here!

Hard at Work with Daddy

After playing with her favorite toy (her duck is the favorite)...she needs a good nap...

She also got to meet her Great-Great Aunt Alice (on my dad's side)

And she got to meet Dominic!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Madi Smiles...

That's right! She's smiling! These are the first ones I could catch on camera (my camera they aren't very good quality). More to come once I have some time to download the others off my camera!! She is so cute and getting so big! 6 weeks old this week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madison's Photo Session

She was 3 weeks old when these pictures were taken.

Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Month Old

That's right! Madison is a month old! Sometime I can't believe she's actually that old! And then sometimes when I think of my lack of sleep...I think she's ONLY a month old!

We've been busy this month. We've had a couple of doctors appointments. We are trying to get the sweet baby all figured out. Trying new formulas and have just put her on a medicine for acid reflux. So we are hoping that these will make our baby girl feel better. The last doctor's appointment was this past Friday. She weighed 8lbs. 12oz. and was 21 inches long.

We had our first shopping trip to the mall. Jerrad, Madison and I went to the mall for a few minutes last week and Jerrad kept telling Madi that she shouldn't get used to shopping. I think he's worried that I will corrupt our daughter!

I also left Madison for the first time this past Friday night. Jerrad and I both had something we had to go to and I left her with my mom. She had a good time...I don't think she even noticed I was gone! But I knew I was gone...and was very ready to get back to her. I'm working on steps! :)

She also attended her first Super bowl party yesterday. Needless to say...she had a tummy ache and cried most of the time. But she got to watch some of the game.

And this morning she sat in her swing and actually enjoyed it for the first time and feel asleep rocking. Yah!

February should be pretty busy too. (I have to go back to work soon...for some reason...they won't let me stay home and send me a pay check!) We've got American Idol nights at Gigi and Poppy's with the Stuarts. Jerrad and I have a couple of events to go to! February 3 is Nana (my mom's birthday) and we're celebrating. And Nana and P-rick are going to Vegas and leaving us here to man the shop! :( We're sad we aren't going to Vegas this year...we'll miss all our friends! But Nana (Pam) will be bringing lots of pictures!

There will be more pictures to come. But for now the last one is my favorite...the bib says it all!!!