Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Cruise

Jerrad, Madison & I took a cruise the second week of October with Jerrad's parents, grandparents and sister. We had a blast on our 7-Day cruise! Here are some highlights!

Jerrad & Madison at Dinner!
Madison loved the towel animals left in our room each night!

Madison with crazy hair after a bath!

Our family on formal night

Grandmom & Grandan on formal night

Madi & Grandmom

Madison & towel animal

Madison eating - and not excited about it

Our talented child blowing spit bubbles! :) haha

Madison passed out from all the excitment

Trying to walk on sea legs - not easy

Madison & Daddy dancing

Towel animal with Bonnie the Bulldog

Our first stop - Montego Bay
Grandmom & Madison on the beach

Sporting a mohawk!

Our Boat - The Conquest

Napping in Grand Cayman

Jerrad & Katy at Dinner

Madison & Grambo dancing with our waiter Ieputu

Madison loves Grandmom's pretty necklace

Celebrating Ma'am's birthday


Monday, October 5, 2009