Thursday, September 17, 2009

8 Months....

Just for you JC!! :)

Playing with her doll! (Thanks Sue II - We love you!)

Madison LOVES water bottles - she was so excited we got a new case - she tried to open it up!

He favorite new toy! Her walker! She walks great with it and can take about 4-6 steps on her own!!

Trying to figure out a sippie cup!

Madi and Daddy!

Madison and Eli love to play!

Bitter Biscut

Warning: Bitter Biscut is extremely messey and child should probably eat this in the bathtub!

There was no warning on the package and Madison ended up a total mess! She had goo from head to toe!! But she had a blast and ate on the biscut for 30 minutes! She's a huge fan of bitter biscuts! Mom and dad...not so much! ;)

Swimming at Nana & Papa's!

It was raining outside so Nana made Madison's swimming pool inside!
(I'm playing catch up - cause I'm way behind!! This was from August!)