Wednesday, November 26, 2008

January 2, 2009

We had our 34 week doctor appointment today. The doctor said everything seemed to be right on schedule and to keep doing what I was doing. He told me to start walking if I wanted to try to get her here early. So we'll be walking every night! We go back next Wednesday and he will start checking me.

We also had an ultrasound to measure sweet Madison. She measured wonderfully...somewhere in the midrange…not too big and not too small. They said fluid levels and her heartbeat looked good! They estimate that she is 5lbs. 5oz. and her feet are still the large 3" they measured last time! This ultrasound lady said she had really long looking toes! The ultrasound lady was super nice and took some 3D images of her. We got several pictures...all (of course) with her hand in front of her face! Apparently that is her favorite position! The ultrasound lady tried pushing on my belly to get Madison to move her hand so we could see her whole face and that made Madison unhappy! In the pictures you can see her scrunch her face up and then open her mouth like she was trying to protest against the pushing. It was very funny! Seems she likes to have her things her way (kinda like her dad...wait did I say that...maybe a little like her mom too!) From the ultrasound they think she is a little ahead of schedule and due date is now January 2, 2009.

So we are doing good. Looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow with the families. Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and we'll keep you posted!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madison's Baby Shower

Madison's baby shower was wonderful! She got so many happies and we almost have everything ready for her arrival! Thank you so much for everyone who attended. And thank you to all the hostesses! It was absolutely fabulous! Thanks to...Lisa Ambrose, Dianne Brannen, June Cantrell, Becca Crosby, Rebecca Evans, Darlene Feazel, Diana May, Kim McInnis, Jennifer McLemore, Tamara Sanders, Ashley Stuart, Amber Terrell, Tanya Tingle, Debbie Wilson.
And thank you thank you to Rebecca and her family for opening up their home!!!

We went to the doctor yesterday and he said everything looked good. We are scheduled to go back on Wednesday, November 26th. He said he would do an ultrasound then to check her size and see how she was doing. (I'm still really concerned about her 3" feet!!!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

3D \ 4D Ultrasound

The first one is a picture of her face...with her arm right in front. She never moved her arm! She was resting and that is just where she wanted it! She started out with just one arm in front of her face and ended up with both arm and both feet at her face!

The second one is a picture of her puckering her lips!

The third is a profile shot...arm still in the way.

And the last one is a picture of her foot. The ultrasound lady said "Wow...she has big feet!" And I said what?!?! So she measured her foot and it was 3 inches long!! Pretty big for a little girl who still has 8 1/2 weeks left to grow! :)

It was very fun getting to see her move around and see kind of what she looked like. It will be really neat to compare once she gets here!

We did ask her to just confirm it was a girl! Jerrad was worried with all the pink that it would be totally bad if she ended up being a boy. So...third confirmation...She is a girl!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nursery Update

Jerrad finally got the letters and dots spray painted (pink and brown) and my parents came over Sunday night and helped us hang her name! It was a little difficult to get her name hung but it turned out so cute! We also hung the curtains. As soon as I have her room cleaned up some I'll post a picture of the whole room. It's going to be so cute...if I do say so myself! :)

We're having our big shower this Saturday. I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun! The hostesses are doing so much and I can't thank them all enough! It's going to be great!!! :)

We go to the doctor next Wednesday. Just a normal appointment where I am sure we will be in and out before we even finish asking our questions. I'm now going to the doctor every two weeks. So I'll go again the week of Thanksgiving. I'll be 34 weeks then and he said we will do another ultrasound at that point to check on Madison's size! (I think she's getting pretty big!!)! So we'll keep you updated!